Player Info

What is the cost of playing basketball?

Upon acceptance into a team, the following fees will apply:

1. Club Fees:

The club fees vary based on the age group and range from $250 to $320 per season. These fees cover all court expenses, nomination fees, training venues, and other related costs.

2. State/Association Fees (Insurance):

Before participating in any games, you must be registered with Basketball QLD and the current association affiliated with the Hawks. This registration provides insurance coverage and supports community basketball in QLD. It is an additional cost, separate from the club fees, and amounts to approximately $75 to $110 annually, depending on the age group.

3. Uniforms:

To be eligible for participation, all players must adhere to the association rules by wearing the Wynnum Manly Hawks uniform. The uniform comprises a reversible top priced at $55 and shorts priced at $45. Alternatively, both items can be purchased together for a combined cost of $95 from the uniform store.


Returning Players

Approximately 4-6 weeks before the conclusion of the current season, we will approach you to confirm your participation and registration for the next season. Our utmost concern is to secure positions for our existing players and ensure an adequate number of coaches for the planned teams.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist with the season setup, kindly refer to the Volunteer Expression of Interest form. Your support is greatly appreciated!

How are players selected for teams?

In the selection process, we strive to group players with similar skill levels together across seasons and age groups whenever possible. However, an exception to this approach occurs during the transition from winter to summer seasons, where some players move up to the next age group based on their date of birth.

At the conclusion of each season, coaches provide valuable feedback about teams and players. This information, along with previous data, is taken into consideration during the new season trials. In cases where there are multiple teams within an age group, all players within that age group will have the opportunity to trial for positions.

For those seeking to progress into higher divisions, we encourage them to communicate with their respective coach. We offer various opportunities for players to enhance their skills in addition to regular weekly training sessions.


At the Hawks, we are committed to offering dedicated training sessions for each team. Typically, these slots last for one hour per team, although the duration may vary based on age and skill level. For our youngest members, we prioritize early training slots to accommodate their schedules.

Presently, our training venues include Manly State School (our Home Court) and Iona College. We express immense gratitude for the continuous support received from both educational institutions.

Furthermore, we provide selective specialised training programs for players aspiring to achieve greatness in their performance. Additionally, our members have access to a weekly complimentary 45-minute plyometrics class, enhancing their overall training experience.


Basketball Ball Size Guidelines

Basketballs are available in various sizes and styles, but many stores primarily offer the regulation men's size 7 balls, which may not be suitable for women and young juniors.

To ensure proper play and alignment with both the Association's and Basketball Queensland's competition rules, Eastside's club competition has established specific ball size requirements as follows:


Applicable for all players in the Under 8 category

Applicable for all players in the Under 10 category

Applicable for all players in the Under 12 category


Intended for boys in the Under 14 category

Intended for girls in the Under 14 category and above (girls/women never use a Size 7)


Designed for boys in the Under 16 category and above

By adhering to these guidelines, we ensure that each player is equipped with the appropriate ball size, fostering an enjoyable and fair basketball experience for everyone involved.